Elevating Global Partnerships and Investment

At Regent Group, we are actively engaged in global initiatives through partnerships with sovereign funds and SWFI, focusing on transformative projects that span continents. In the United Kingdom, our commitment to higher education takes concrete form with our upcoming Harrow campus, Pankaj House. Destined to evolve into Regent Hill University, this institution will feature cutting-edge educational and technical facilities.

Our specialized arm, Regent Investment London, serves as an engine for sustainable growth, specializing in investment management and real estate asset management. We also offer trusted advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and financing.

Selva Pankaj brings a wealth of investment knowledge to the table, gained from esteemed positions across the industry. His resume includes significant roles such as CFO at Fortress Investment Group, Senior Associate at Grosvenor Estates, Senior Consultant at Rockspring Property Investment Managers, Deputy Finance Director at Prudential Financial Inc, and Financial Accountant at Carlton Property Group.

Regent Green Energy

Renewable energy can help us to meet growing global demand for energy without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That’s why Regent Group is supporting Nepal’s ambitious project to generate as much as 72,000 MW of energy a year through hydroelectric plants. As this will exceed Nepal’s domestic demand for electricity, Nepal will be able to export surplus electricity to neighbouring countries. Nepal is planning cross-border transmission lines so it can export to two of the world’s largest consumers of energy: China and India. The more of our energy needs can be met through renewables the better, reducing our reliance on coal-fired power stations and other less sustainable sources of energy. According to Reuters, nearly three quarters of India’s electricity is generated from coal while fossil fuels made up 63 percent of the total electricity generated in China in 2022. That Nepal is well-placed geographically to help two of the world’s biggest energy consumers meet some of their energy needs through a renewable source is a huge benefit for us all.

Nepal is one of the world’s least developed countries (LDCs) according to the United Nations but is on track to graduate from being an LDC in 2026. Exporting the surplus clean energy it generates will increase Nepal’s GDP and support its progress from being a LDC to becoming a more developed country.

Regent Green Energy is part of Regent Group’s commitment to sustainability.