Regent Global

The Regent Global Ethos: Improving the World through Education, Impactful Investment and Economy Building

Welcome to Regent Global, where we redefine the future by integrating education, impactful investment, and economy building. Guided by our co-founders and joint CEOs Tharshiny Pankaj and Dr. Selva Pankaj, we champion a character-focused educational approach through our diverse institutions—including Regent College London and Regent Institute in the Middle East. Our "Thinking into Character" programme goes beyond academics, unlocking the power of natural intelligence. We also work to invest in projects that improve the world, green energy for example, and to provide opportunities for people through economy building.

With operations across the UK, EU, USA, GCC, India, Sri Lanka and China, we ensure our solutions resonate locally while impacting globally. Regent Global is expanding into tourism, real estate and energy alongside education, impactful investment and economy building. Join us on our journey to innovation and prosperity, as we strive to achieve unicorn status by 2030.

In summer 2024, Dubai became Regent Global’s headquarters, managing our initiatives in GCC, India, Sri Lanka, the USA, China and the rest of the world. Regent College London continues to be managed from London as we work towards being granted degree-awarding powers and opening a new British university.