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A quarter of a century of global thinking and service

Regent Group’s joint CEOs Selva and Tharshiny Pankaj founded Regent Group with Selva’s late father in 2000. The business began as a modest private tuition service followed by a further education college. From the outset, Regent Group has succeeded by serving the community. Initially the group provided accessible further and higher education in London. Regent Group is now a global education, economy-building and impactful investment business with headquarters in London, Dubai and New York.

Regent Group’s global footprint extends to the UK, United States, India, GCC, Australia and Dubai. Through strategic partnerships with educational institutions in India, Sri Lanka and the USA, Regent has cemented its reputation as a global provider of quality education, serving communities across the world and supporting the goals of the organisations and governments it partners with.

Regent Group joint CEOs Selva and Tharshiny Pankaj are globally-minded: both fled civil war in Sri Lanka and found safety in the UK, and they are proud British citizens with residencies in Dubai and the USA.

Education is Selva and Tharshiny’s passion. Selva still teaches and has written books to help students and adults achieve the success they want. All Regent Group students have access to his books Thinking into Character and The Power of Learning from DAD, the supporting education programmes. Selva has also created educational programmes for Regent students based on the ideas of Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale, called Think and Grow Rich and The Mindset, respectively. Selva is a lifelong learner himself. He holds an MBA and went to London Business School, followed by Harvard Business School, Oxford University and Stanford Graduate School as part of his executive education.

Tharshiny started her career teaching ICT & Computing at a sixth form college. As Academic Registrar, Tharshiny has been instrumental in upholding and advancing the educational standards at both Regent College London and Regent Independent College. Her leadership over the last 20 years has established Regent Group as a beacon of educational excellence.

The Regent 2030 Vision

By 2030, Selva and Tharshiny aim for Regent Group to be a British unicorn, to have opened a new British university as well as universities in Europe, Asia and North America. Their vision is for Regent Group to be a leading global technology-enabled education provider fuelled by the metaverse and Web 3.0. Regent Group leverages disruptive innovation in both curriculum and delivery methods.

Acknowledgments of Excellence

Regent Group’s achievements have been acknowledged in several ways:

● Regent Group won the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards Award for Excellence in Education in 2023. The Group was ranked 45th in FEBE’s Growth 100 list the same year. In 2022 Regent Group was recognised in The Times Top 100 list as one of the fastest-growing education companies in the UK.

● Selva and Tharshiny were included in the GG2 Power List of 2024’s 101 most influential Asians.

● Tharshiny was awarded CEO of the year at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards 2024.

● Selva won Entrepreneur of the Year at the British Sri Lankan Awards 2023, Businessman of the Year at the London Asian Business Awards 2019 and Entrepreneur of the Year at the Asian Achievers Awards 2016. Selva received two honorary doctorates in 2019 for his contribution to education.

Promoting Peace and Prosperity

Selva and Tharshiny aim to make the world a better place. Their work promoting peace through the Global Unity Dinner and Forum and support of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, especially through the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Sustainability 70 Steering Group (SG70), is very important to them.