Dr. Selva Pankaj Appointed Chair of The Duke of Edinburgh’s SG70 Sustainability Group

André Mansi

A Milestone for Regent Group: Leading the Charge in Youth Development and Sustainability

London, UK - It is with a deep sense of honour and gratitude that we announce Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO of Regent Group, has been appointed as the Chair of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Sustainability 70 Steering Group (SG70). His wife, Tharshiny Pankaj, will also join this impactful initiative as a valued member. This esteemed appointment reaffirms our unwavering commitment to empowering the next generation and effecting meaningful change on a global scale.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award: Shaping Future Leaders

For those unfamiliar, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is an extraordinary framework for non-formal education and learning. Operating in over 130 countries and territories worldwide, the award recognises and celebrates the achievements of young individuals outside the confines of academia. Through this platform, countless young people have not only recognised their potential but have also been inspired to positively impact their communities and the world at large.

Discover the Impact of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

A Vision for Inclusive Growth

The ethos of this international award aligns seamlessly with our core mission at Regent College London. The Duke of Edinburgh's Foundation aims to make the Award accessible to 1% of the global youth population by 2023. In sheer numbers, this ambitious goal translates to involving 7.9 million young people, marking an incredible 600% growth on current participation numbers.

Moreover, the Foundation's vision transcends conventional boundaries, striving to be truly inclusive. The long-term ambition is to offer every eligible individual, aged between 14 and 24, the opportunity to participate in the Award programme. Specifically, they aim for 20% of participants to be from at-risk and marginalised communities, for whom the Award can be genuinely life-altering.

Looking Ahead: A Sustainable and Impactful Future

As the newly-appointed Chair of SG70, Dr. Selva Pankaj is enthusiastic about leveraging his expertise and our institutional strengths to further the growth and sustainability of this esteemed initiative.

"This appointment symbolises our dedication to enriching the lives of young individuals, encouraging them to realise their potential and make a positive impact on the world," Dr. Selva Pankaj comments. "We are genuinely excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to contributing meaningfully to this initiative."

At Regent College London, we view this as more than just an appointment; it’s a testament to the integrity, authenticity, and social responsibility that we embody as an educational institution. We invite you to join us on this inspiring journey towards creating a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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