Dubai becomes headquarters for Regent Global operations

Karen Garner

Joint Regent Group CEOs Tharshiny and Selva Pankaj have announced Regent Group’s global operations will be run from headquarters in Dubai from summer 2024. The decision reflects the Pankajs’ confidence in the Regent Global team in Dubai and the potential for growth in Dubai and the wider region.

Commercial Director Anvar Sathath will be responsible for Regent Global in GCC, India, Sri Lanka, the USA, China and the rest of the world, while Chief Commercial Officer Carol-Ann Maxworth will lead Regent Global operations in the UK and EU. Regent Group’s UK education businesses including Regent College London and Regent’s work towards opening a new British University – RHU 2030 (subject to approval) – will continue to be managed by Regent Group in London.

Joint CEO Dr. Selva Pankaj commented: “Each time I visit Regent Global’s offices in Dubai I’m impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and dynamism of the team. Our decision to manage Regent Global out of Dubai is, in part, a reflection of the confidence Tharshiny and I have in colleagues in Dubai. It is also a reflection of the ambition in the region – D33 and Saudi Vision 2030 for example – and the opportunities for impactful investment in Asia and beyond.”

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