Regent Group Engages in Thoughtful Dialogue at the 2023 Conservative Party Conference

Emilia Bland

Manchester, UK - The Prime Minister’s emphasis on education as a national priority and our sponsorship comes at a pivotal time for Regent Group as we sponsored the Blue Room at the 2023 Conservative Party Conference held in Manchester.

As a leader in the fields of education, investment, and property management, this sponsorship reinforces our commitment to fostering meaningful dialogue on issues that are of paramount importance to the British public and business community.

Why the Blue Room?

The Blue Room is an influential space within the conference itself and provides an exclusive meeting point for policymakers, thought leaders, industry experts, and delegates to engage in insight conversations about the future of the nation. Our sponsorship places us at the heart of these pivotal discussions, enabling Regent Group to actively contribute to the educational dialogue that is so central to the nation’s future.

A Platform for Change

In alignment with the national focus on education, our involvement in the Blue Room provided us with an ideal platform to provide thought leadership and showcase our latest initiatives in the education sector, alongside our advances in digital transformation. Through various speaking engagements and interactive sessions, attendees gained insights into how Regent Group is innovating and leading in education, seeking to create a more prosperous and equitable future for all - not just in the UK but internationally.

After a conversation with Dr Pankaj in the Blue Room, Stephen James, an award-winning teacher, and educator, shared his thoughts: “Having had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Selva Pankaj here, I’m in awe of his infectious enthusiasm for education. His passion is not just admirable but also contagious, resonating with many Blue Room attendees including the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for Education; Dr. Pankaj’s vision, particularly through the ‘Thinking into Character’ programme, showcases a profound commitment to unlocking the potential of our young generation.”

Facilitating Conversations for Change

Regent Group utilised its presence in the Blue Room to focus on areas that impact the British public directly, such as education, healthcare, and social responsibility. Through panel discussions and interviews, we facilitated dialogue that aimed to drive societal progress, emphasising the need for collective action from both the private sector and the government.

Looking Ahead

With education taking centre stage in national discussions, Regent Group is even more committed to staying engaged with the political landscape. We believe that private sector involvement, especially from leaders in education like us, is essential in crafting effective policies. We’re enthusiastic about the opportunities ahead to infuse our passion for education and expertise into these critical national conversations.

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Emilia Bland

Emilia is the Head of Marketing at Regent College London and Regent Independent College, where she leads the strategic direction of marketing and recruitment campaigns. Prior to joining Regent, Emilia developed her marketing expertise at the University of Warwick and played a pivotal role in digital communications and sustainability and PR initiatives at Carlsberg Group. Her experience is underpinned by a solid foundation in corporate affairs and public relations, demonstrating a strong ability to foster partnerships and execute impactful campaigns. Emilia’s strategic vision and comprehensive skills in marketing, communications, and project management drive Regent College London’s marketing efforts forward, ensuring its continued prominence in the education sector.